Outdoor Session

Enjoy magical moments and capture unforgettable memories with our outdoor photo services, perfect for couples, families, children, and even individuals! Whether you’re in love, seeking to connect with nature, or simply celebrating special occasions, our outdoor photo sessions provide the opportunity to express your authenticity and joy in a breathtaking natural setting.

fotografie natura lavanda sesiune afara

Our outdoor photography services include


  1. Couples’ Photo Sessions: We’ll help you rediscover your connection and express your love in a romantic natural backdrop. Whether you’re new to posing or experienced in front of the camera, we’ll guide and assist you to feel relaxed, resulting in authentic and expressive photographs.

  2. Family Portraits: We understand the importance of family and aim to capture the special bonds between family members. We’ll create a fun and warm atmosphere to capture genuine and heartwarming family portraits.

  3. Children’s Photo Sessions: Childhood is a magical and fleeting time. With empathy and patience, we’ll capture the innocence and enthusiasm of your children in a natural setting, creating precious memories that will stay with you forever.

  4. Individual Outdoor Portraits: If you wish to capture your unique beauty and personality amidst nature, we are here to provide individual photo sessions. We’ll emphasize your authenticity and inner strength against a backdrop that represents you.

  5. Themed Photo Sessions: If you have a special idea or theme in mind, we’re open to implementing it in the outdoor photo session. With creativity and artistic skills, we’ll turn these images into something truly unique and memorable.

We commit to providing you with a pleasant and relaxing experience during the photo session, allowing you to be yourself and enjoy every moment spent in nature. Our images will forever preserve the emotions and beauty of these special moments surrounded by the grandeur of nature.